Dougal Is A Punk, Judy Is A Runt

Ol’ Dirty Dougal (who recently went to a live show!) pieced together a punk playlist and said (wrote) this:

‘I miss live music. There, I said it. And fuck coronavirus. If you told 2019 Dougal that all live music will be cancelled in 2020 for 3 months, he would have laughed in your face. Well, jokes on me. This playlist encapsulates the energy of the live music scene I so dearly miss. It’s hard, fast, obnoxious, and makes you want to do something foolish, like smashing a beer on your head at the dinner table with grandma. I miss punk gigs and everything they come with: maniacs, mosh pits, sweat, the stench of alcohol, and the fear of breaking my camera on something or someone. Will this playlist soothe your soul? Probably not. Will your mother enjoy it? Probably not. This playlist is best enjoyed with a large coffee while driving along the highway with all windows down. Hold on suckers.’

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