Double Rainbouu Give-Away!

Decent Hawaiian shirts are few and far between. Mostly they’re ugly, vertigo-inducing numbers that wait in thrift stores for the inevitable Halloween Hunter Thompson’s to collect them. After Halloween they go into a closet for a decade, then the garbage, then, after another decade in the garbage man’s closet, they finally make their way to the big, swirling trash island in the Pacific where they help murder marine life. That’s the lifeline of 99% of Hawaiian shirts. The remaining one percent are beautiful freaks of nature that become threadbare with wear.

Our buddies, Toby Jones and Mikey Nolan, have launched a uni-sex Hawaiian shirt brand called Double Rainbouu, and these babies won’t be choking turtles anytime soon.

Their online store is launching tomorrow, and they’re having a huge party out on The Island to celebrate the launch. They rented the whole Island, and that means there’ll be exactly zero douche-bags with gel in their hair. Isn’t that nice? Do you want to go? You do? It’s on January 17th. Email us ( We’ve got two tickets and two shirts to give away. Either way, check out their wares. Mahalo!






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