Don’t Miss ‘Street Cats’ at 98 Orchard

Kenny Anderson, Brian Delatorre, Zered Bassett, and Al Davis aren’t just professional skateboarders.

They’re also very talented photographers. Imagine if you were really good at something, but you also had a hidden talent no one knew about. Like, say you were a terrific tennis player, but you were also a brilliant ice sculptor, and no one knew it. Everyone would be patting you on the back and saying, ‘Great game of tennis, guy,’ meanwhile, that massive swan you chiselled before the match is disappearing in the afternoon sun.

Photo by Kenny Anderson

How would that feel? It’d suck. You’d hate it. You’d want folks to know you’re a kick-ass ice sculptor. And that’s why we put together this photo show, which you can come along to this Saturday, the 15th of June at 98 Orchard in NYC. But wait… there’s more! We’ll be showing original art by the very talented Alexis Sablone, as well as dishing out free pizza and beer all night. See you there, you free-loading sack of shit. RSVP here.

Photo by Zered Bassett
Photo by Al Davis
Photo by Brian Delatorre
Art by Alexis Sablone

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