Don’t Miss French Artist Johanna Olk at 1700 Naud

Keeping the ball rolling over at our gallery space 1700 Naud is French artist Johanna Olk.

Based between Guéthary on France’s south-western coast and Paris, she creates timeless works that span across painting, illustration, tattoo, print, and sculpture. But whether it’s homemade stick and pokes or vibrant graphics on paper, Johanna brings to each piece a fascination with defined yet minimal linework that conveys a delicate sense of emotion.

Taking time out from surfing her local spot in Biarritz and creating in the studio with loyal canine Serge by her side, Johanna will be heading to LA to display her new series Idle Youth at 1700 Naud in LA. Comprised of graphic block colours and melancholic figures with stark white linework, Idle Youth is curated by our friends at Innocnts and will be opening Saturday the 3rd of November, with music by Venetian Blinds and Peaking Lights. As always, the booze is on us, so what are you waiting for?

RSVP for Idle Youth here. Follow Innocnts and Johanna Olk on Instagram to stay up to date.

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