‘Don’t Do It Sco-Mo, You Flog,’ Says Pamela

She didn’t really call him a flog (flog/flogger: informal noun meaning wanker), but she was thinking it.

And everyone on planet earth with more than three active brain cells is thinking it because that’s what the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrisson is—a flog. Right now, he’s allowing the U.S. government to extradite the Australian national, journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on espionage charges. He’ll be ‘tried’ and either sent to jail for life or executed for the crime of letting the public know how horribly corrupt their governments are.

If you’re just coming out of a nine-year coma, Assange used WikiLeaks to publish classified military and diplomatic files in 2010 about US bombing campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, including civilian casualty figures. The US government was embarrassed and the hunt for the freedom fighter Assange began. There’s more to it than that, but I don’t have the whole day to bring you up to speed on a news story you really should know already—coma or no come—so let’s get to the bit about Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson, who you might remember having a bit of masturbate about in the 90s,  has released a statement calling on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrisson (who, let us never forget, deliberately shit his own pants at a McDonalds in the Sydney suburb of Engadine in 1997) to intervene on the extradition proceedings:

‘Every Australian needs to be aware that if Julian Assange is extradited to the USA for publishing then every other journalist and publisher of facts on the internet is vulnerable to execution or 175 years’ imprisonment for simply publishing facts that were delivered to him by whistleblowers.’

She also pointed out that the poopy-pants PM’s predecessor aided another citizen—the film director James Ricketson, who was stuck in a Cambodian prison on flimsy espionage charges. She then went on to say the Prime Minister whose first name is ‘Scott’ should call Trump and UK PM Boris Johnson and urge them ‘to do their part to save the people’s democratic right in the Western world, adding that Assange ‘doesn’t want “special treatment,” he just wants to be treated like any other Australian citizen and journalist, he has not committed any crime for which a precedent in law stands…’

Do yourself and everyone else who plans to live on this mudball a big favour and sign the petition to free Julian Assange HERE.

Here’s a video of Pam saving some other people in the 90s recently.

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