Donald Glover Drops Surprise Album

Multi-talented artist Donald Glover is doing his best to distract everyone from the end of the world by releasing a surprise album.

The untitled project from Childish Gambino appeared suddenly late last night on the website The link to the album was originally tweeted by a random Twitter user before being retweeted by a number of official accounts connected to Glover’s management team, so you know it’s the real deal.

The 12-track release includes a bunch of new tracks along with the previously released ‘Feels Like Summer‘ and live favourite ‘Algorythm‘. Glover has got a few of his famous friends to help out too, with appearances by R&B songstress SZA and rapper 21 Savage. One of Glover’s sons also pops up on the outro to final track ‘Thank You’.

There isn’t any background on the album but the artwork has been shared on Twitter and depicts the world on fire, a rather fitting image considering the end of days appears to be close (chill out, Tobias—Ed). The website also features a text field at the bottom of the page where you can enter words, with many speculating Glover is crowdsourcing an official title for the album.

Unfortunately, the site is currently down and there’s no word on whether it will be back anytime soon or if the album will appear on streaming sites. Having managed to give the album a listen before the site crashed, I can assure you this is another masterpiece from Glover. Combining the soulful funk of previous album Awaken, My Love with electronic flourishes, dazzling samples and gorgeous harmonies, Glover has once again delivered an incredible collection of songs sure to please fans.

Fingers crossed the website is up and running again soon but until then enjoy this leak of the SZA and 21 Savage collaboration ‘Vibrate’.

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