Documenting the Debauchery at Meltasia Festival

Words and photos by Allen Ying

Meltasia is an independent music festival in the Catskills region of NY state, just a few hours north of NYC.

Created by Andy Animal nearly 10 years ago, it’s a DIY style, BYOB campground gathering with zero corporate sponsorship or presence, no cell phone service, and minimal rules… the Great Meltdown Funnabration is unlike any standard concept of music festivals today. We headed along for the weekend and caught all the insanity, nudity, and profanity on camera, below.

The first night of the festival, pagans engaged in some dark magic rituals… or just had a nice candle holder to light up camp.

New friends at The Nude Party camp.

Bryan and Donie, Nude Party fam, blinding each other with their headlamps.

It seemed like everyone was up late each night, but still waking up early and then needing to pass out in the field.

Andy Animal, our gracious host, and creator of Meltasia. Jerome Peel and Matt Tillwick of Gnarcissists

Gnarcissists getting warmed up for their set.

Ariel King, and lunchtime with The Nude Party crew, complimentary fashions.

Ariel played a violin intro with Gnarcissists.

Matti Orr, Gnarcissists, facetiously singing about barely getting by in NYC working 60 hours a week. Andy Animal singing in his acapella doo-wop band, Brooklyn Bluebirds.

Eric Carney, a young shredder in Gnarcissists, who can also get real technical explaining drumming on a pillow since it doesn’t rebound, to strengthen those lil drumming muscles.

Mapping the route through the enchanted path at the mystical land of Meltasia at Phoenicia Diner.

Austin Brose and Don Merrill of The Nude Party really carry their weight in stage presence for being seated and playing with five others.

Patton Magee, The Nude Party.

Alec Castillo of The Nude Party, Dani Miller of Surfbort, both with very distinct moves.

Dani of Surfbort, always finding her way around the venue during their sets.

Nazar Khamis from Gnarcissists looks like he’s trying to make moves or perform CPR on Dani, or both.


Dani of Surfbort. Zumi and Cole of The Black Lips in the oversized camp chair that makes you feel like a small child when you sit in it.

Zumi Rosow and Cole Alexander of The Black Lips.

Connor Mikita of The Nude Party crowdsurfing the oversized camp chair, during The Black Lips.

Masked creatures of the Catskills – not a band name.

Austin Brose of The Nude Party in his van.

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