Dion Agius: 5 to Watch

Dion Agius is a lot of things.

He’s one of the best freesurfers our fair country has produced, he’s a photographer, an entrepreneur, a fiercely proud Tasmanian and, for the purposes of this here feature, a keen eye for promising young surf talent. We reckon Dion has been around the traps long enough to know bright young things when he sees them, so we asked him to select five Aussie surfers we should be watching out for in the year 2020. Here’s who he went with.

Shaun Manners

The last few years, Shaun has been going completely mental. He’s probably put out three of the strongest video parts compared to anyone in the last three years. His latest footage in the new RAGE film is completely insane. Those straight stailfish, his front shuv at North Point, and the last air out North Point is the biggest air ever landed, no contest.



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 Jaleesa Vincent 

Once again in the new RAGE film. Jaleesa is going nuts. Shredding Macaronis with Ozzie Wright-like steeze. She is so fun to watch.


Jai Glindeman

Crazy style like Andy and insane rail game for his age. I’ve been seeing a few clips of him drop here and there—plus I’ve surfed with him a few times—and you can definitely feel that he has all the makings of a really fucking good surfer.


Oscar Langburne

It’s been fun watching Oscar progress over the last few years. He has a fine appreciation of the photographic and cinematic side of surfing, not to mention some fine musical taste. He really puts a lot of effort into the projects he works on. I think we will see some amazing films come out of Oscar in the future.


Wade Goodall

Wade was the next big thing, and then a series of unfortunate injuries kept him recovering out of the water for years. So, Wade’s always been there but just hasn’t been able to blow the lid off it like everyone knows he can… until recently. Wade’s back in the water and in form, and his new film [Pentacoastal] is testament to that. I hope we will see a Wade resurgence now he’s done with the film. Or, he may disappear forever, as I know he’s probably had enough of the spotlight. I’m not entirely sure, but either way I really hope we get to see more Wade. He’s the best.


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