Dime Montreal Part 4: Rain, Hail or Moonshine

Rain was forecast. We thought the second event was going to be completely called off so we hit the stoop hard on Saturday night.

Tucked around the corner of the hotel was the perfect drinking destination. Beers were acquired by the pallet and we were our own bartenders. There was no cut off. We should have known better. There was no way the maniacs at Dime were going to let a perfectly wet day go to waste. As we all crawled into the lobby Sunday morning, there were rumblings that the event was still underway, just a couple blocks down the street. I carted my beer and rain soaked carcass over to check the shenanigans. There was slippery battles happening down the hill with Rowans boardslide at the helm of everyone’s excitement. Multiple tricks went down into the flooded street as Rowan managed to sack a two-foot tall rail before mustering up the balance to hold onto a glorious railslide into an even more epic roll away. He was paraded back up the hill by his soggy peers and into another long night out the front of the hotel, beating our livers with all the beer Montreal had to offer. The end.

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