Dime Montreal Part 2: Guerth Glory Challenge

It was time to get guerthy at the Dime Glory Challenge.

Speed was still a factor, but height and impact was the main theme for these next two challenges. I have to be honest, when I saw photos of the rainbow rail obstacle prior to the event, I thought there was absolutely no way anyone was going to grind over that thing. How wrong I was. As the perfectly engineered monstrosity kept getting stacked one by one, skateboarders kept grinding over it. Elijah would set it off and the rest of the crew would proceed to knock ‘em down.

Next, then the bump to bar challenge was rolled out. I wasn’t surprised to see a plethora of tricks tucked over the first two heights but when they added that last piece, it seemed like it would be an ollie a 180, maybe a kickflip, but once again, I was underestimating the psychopaths in my surroundings. Ryan Decenzo frontside flipped it and then went back up to frontside 360 this thing first try. John Shanahan hucked a huge nollie 180 followed by Chandler Burton with a nollie backside 180 which was unbelievable. The climax came when big daddy Chima Ferguson battled a signature backside 360 rolling away with all of the glory.

Buckle up, the glory continues.

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