Diehard Football Fans in 1970s Manchester

Images: Estate of SP Reid

In the late 70s, a young factory worker began photographing die-hard Manchester football fans on game day.

The photographer, Iain S.P. Reid worked on this series for two years, turning his camera away from the field and towards the working-class supporters that turned out religiously to watch hotly contested matches against United and Manchester City. Now, thanks to the folks at Flashbak, Reid’s photos are being given a new life.

After Reid’s death in 2000, he left behind boxes and boxes of photographs that might easily have gathered dust for years to come—instead, the world will be able to enjoy them in a new book, Cool Cats and Red Devils, if they receive a little love on their Kickstarter campaign.

Not only will the book provide a portal through time and space back to the days of flares, bad haircuts and 70s football, it’ll also help to tell the story of Reid himself. According to the Kickstarter, Reid was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1948, before his family moved to Trinidad where he grew up playing around in nature with fish, snakes, alligators and parrots. Years later, his family would eventually return to Sheffield in UK, and Reid struggled through the creative stifling education system before discovering a love for photography and Leica cameras in his later studies.

It’s cool to see Reid’s photographs being given a second life through the efforts of the vintage aficionados Flashbak—even Reid’s own brother hadn’t seen the photos until after his passing, and was amazing by what was tucked away in all the boxes. To support their Kickstarter campaign click here, or go purchase one of Reid’s prints here. 15 per cent of all profits from both the book and prints will go the Melanoma UK charity.

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