Democracy Sausage is Doing the Lord’s Work

It doesn’t matter who you are voting for in the upcoming election (well, actually it does), but if there’s one thing I think most Australians can agree on, it’s the special place sausage sizzles hold in our hearts.

I remember the sheer joy I felt when I saw the first sausage sizzle stall re-erected outside of Bunning’s after the pandemic restrictions eased. I didn’t even know how much I took it for granted until I smelt the onions from the other side of the car park. Kinda like when you get a cold and forgot what it’s like to breathe with clear nostrils for a period of time.

It’s a beautiful part of Australian culture. There’s always a lady called Pam, they never have any change left, and the more refined the bread is—the better. Understanding how important sausage sizzles are to Australians, as is voting, is Democracy Sausage: an interactive map dedicated to the availability and location of sausage sizzles come election day, May the 21st.

A quick search on their site and you can check out where your best snag options are within your voting location, as well as other foods including cakes, vegetarian options, halal, coffee or bacon eggers, as denoted by symbols sprawled out across our country. Plus, each listing tells you what time they’ll be slinging the goods until and also what charity they will be donating the funds to, like getting all-abilities to play equipment installed at Scarborough Primary over in Western Australia. Just super wholesome stuff.

Currently, there are 392 registered polling booths with sausage sizzles, but this number is expected to rise in the coming days as more people register their stalls. A couple of stalls in the Northern Territory are offering crocodile snags, and there are even some stalls in Sydney that think relish is a suitable replacement for Rosella’s tommy sauce.

One unlucky snag.

Really, I think they just look like swanky dickheads because everyone knows the cheaper the better when it comes to the brilliance of the sausage sizzle… but that’s just my humble opinion, and having an opinion is important on voting days. The whole thing is run by some honest folk who are passionate about getting you the best experience $2 can buy, which, let’s face it, is almost unheard of in this stupidly expensive country. Happy snagging.

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