Here’s a collaboration we can get behind. The rat bags of Big Brother have teamed up with DC to recount some of the best and worst memories in the BB legacy with a ‘Best of’ book that will leave you in stitches.

The name of the book, Shit, is anything but its namesake. Along with the tome, there’s a bunch of other crap, like the t-shirt brandishing that very sentiment. There are also two pairs of shoes—one for sale, the other for stealing. The partnership was launched this weekend in Hollywood, where Dave Carnie was anticipating someone driving a scissor lift off a loading dock, which apparently has happened before. We asked Sean Cliver about his involvement in the whole thing, and here’s what he said. If you just want to buy some shit, here’s the entire collection.


On a daily basis, which word do you use more, shit or crap?

Typically I’ll run with shit, but if I’m in mixed company or public spaces with small children or the elderly I may default to crap. Fuck trumps both of those words in my daily conversation, though, just for the record.

Did anyone drive a scissor lift off a loading dock at the release party last night?

No wayward scissor lifts, but had one been available I’m fairly certain Jeff Tremaine could have convinced someone to commandeer and drive it off something. And that someone would most likely have been Earl Parker. He was in rare, boisterous form, bordering on bowling ballish tendencies.



For people too poor to buy the best of Big Brother book, Shit, what is one really funny memory recounted in it?

The best thing is a new editorial piece written exclusively for the book by Chris Pontius. I had to sweat bullets to get it, though, like right down to the print delivery deadline, so the fuck if I’m going to share it with anyone here for free. But trust me, it’s worth the price of admission alone.

Is there anything that was so bad in the history of Big Brother that you couldn’t even print it?

I can’t think of anything offhand… much of it was reprinted or recounted here, give or take a memory lapse on the part of Carnie or I. Perhaps a lawsuit or two was not addressed and probably for good reason.

The Dave Carnie DC shoe was made, but is not for sale. Who ended up with a pair?

Three pairs were allegedly made for media use, but one of those was “stolen” from the event by Boosh. I use quotations on “stolen,” because he first asked Carnie if it would be okay to steal the shoes, which, I believe, irritated Carnie because you’re not really stealing something if you’re asking permission to do so. Anyway, DC will also be making a small allotment of these shoes for the Big Brother staff members, though, I mention that reluctantly because I’ve already had numerous people ask how they can get a pair of these shoes. Who knows, perhaps the demand for Carnie’s long-awaited pro model will be so much so that DC will have no choice but to produce them.


The BB/DC collab shoe is for sale. Who do you think will buy a pair?

Considering it’s not entirely black, I have no idea. If it doesn’t sell, maybe the overstock can be dumped on the residents of Golden, Colorado, because it’s essentially modeled after a Coors Banquet beer can.


There’s a bunch of stuff in this ‘capsule.’ Do you think any of the clothing is suitable to wear to a job interview?

I don’t think many of the readers of Big Brother were ever job interview candidates to begin with, so no. The “crap” tie-dye is well suited to drum circle functions, though.

What about a funeral?

For the magazine? Sure, why not. Someone has to drag all this shit back to the graveyard now that we’ve picked over the exhumed corpse.


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