Day 15

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.15.12 AM

I was going to keep this going until we reached a ridiculous figure like ‘Day 2,478,’ but the truth is I only made it to Day 13. Am I disappointed? Not really. It was an interesting journey and I got to make all my friends feel uneasy for two weeks. My male friends were uncomfortable hearing about my progress; I think they thought it was a bit gay to talk about. On the other hand, my female friends were, though they tried to disguise it, fascinated. Their first reaction was ‘so what?’ But when I reminded them it was different for boys, their eyes became thoughtful and distant and I knew they were pondering the timeless mystery of maleness, not to mention how pregnant I could make them with the pint of baby-batter I was hoisting around. Revolting really, but that’s girls for you.

So the project is over. How did it come to an end? Mind your own bloody business

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