David Lynch Launches Daily Doco Series

Have you ever wondered what David Lynch gets up to when he’s not making films or discussing the weather?

Well if you answered, ‘yes, I have wondered that,’ you’re in luck—the Twin Peaks creator is taking part in a new YouTube series that follow his daily adventures. What Is David Working On Today? is the latest from Lynch’s recently created David Lynch Theatre YouTube channel. The series chronicles what Lynch is working on in his LA woodshop. So far, he’s only released two episodes: the first about the creation of a wooden sink and the second showing said sink installed in his home. The sink comes with a ‘swing out urinal,’ which, according to Lynch, is called a ‘ur-eye-nal’ in England.

Both videos are short, clocking in at just under one and a-half-minutes, but they give fascinating insight into Lynch’s everyday life. Who knew the guy responsible for Blue Velvet enjoys working with his hands? Lynch ends the latest video saying he ‘really enjoy(s) hearing what ya’ll are working on, so keep sending in the reports, keep working and have a good one,’ and signs off with a salute to the camera. He also announced he hopes to spend the weekend working on ‘the incredible checking stick,’ whatever the fuck that is.

Along with working in his woodshop, Lynch has been using his time in quarantine drinking a lot of coffee. In a recent interview with Vice he explained, ‘My routine is pretty much the same now as it was before. I get up, and I get coffee… After that, I meditate and then I go to work.’ He goes on to say he hopes the current situation will help people become better and kinder and had some great advice for those looking for inspiration.

‘They can draw, they can paint, they can build small things, they can write lyrics, they can write poems, they can write stories that can later be filmed, they can play games, they can invent games. So many things can happen in a small space, they can invent new recipes and cooking things. It’s an opportunity for a bunch of different experiments.’

Check out the first two episodes of What Is David Working On Today? above.

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