David Dees, Unofficial Artist of Conspiracy Theorists

If you’ve never heard of David Dees, you’re probably not a conspiracy theorist.

For many who took a trip down the rabbit hole and never came back, however, the controversial artist holds a special place in conspiracy theory rhetoric. In new short film Do you see what I see?, filmmaker Brad Abrahams constructs a fascinating profile of the infamous artist who once made work for some of the biggest film and TV programs in Hollywood (Disney studios, the Sesame Street franchise) until two very different, very life-altering moments in David’s life led him away from a lucrative career in LA, and towards a life of solitude, creating work that was championed by alt-right, conspiracy theorist types.

Abrahams spent time with the reclusive artist before his passing from melanoma in early 2020, capturing David in a way that’s neither sympathetic nor judgemental. Do you see what I see? allows you to feel sympathy for someone who’s so clearly struggling with mental health and hallucinations in one scene, and outrage at his perpetuation of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory in the next.

It’s a great profile of a troubled man, and you should definitely give up 12 minutes of your day to watch it above.

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