Watch: David Attenborough – A Life on Our Planet

If we don’t change what we do, right now, in our lifetime, we are absolutely screwed.

Plain and simple, this is the take away from just watching David Attenborough’s documentary A Life On Our Planet, which premiered on Netflix this week. Over his short 94 years on this earth, Attenborough has experienced the Earth’s incredible wonder and its exponential demise. By the time we’re our grandparent’s age, movies like Waterworld and Mad Max will seem like preludes to our children’s future. And you think The Simpsons predictions were wild. Wait for the day we all think James Cameron is a clairvoyant.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Our lord and saviour David Attenborough carefully explains the simple guide to saving our planet/yourselves (you selfish bastards). But first, he’ll enamour you with the world around us, make you laugh, make you cry, he’ll yell at you, then encourage you to do better in six simple ways:

  • Power your home with renewable energy.
  • Go fishing for only what you need to eat.
  • Have fewer children or even go with one for your lifetime.
  • Grow your own food, buy sustainable produce or start a sustainable produce farm like those crazy dutch bastards.
  • Eat a shitload less meat or go veggo for a while.
  • Be a part of stopping the destruction of our forests and re-growing our forests.

These are things you can do to get started individually and that we can do collectively. But the above is just the beginning. They’re the easy things that will get us going. This is not hippie stuff. This is grown-up stuff. So, if you’re reading this you’re either in your younger years or have a young family. Either yourselves or your children, both of which you care for deeply, will receive the consequence of what you choose to do, from the moment you finish watching this documentary.

A good friend once told me ‘The art is practising, not ignoring what it is you’re receiving from the environment… that’s when the flow starts to happen and you catch yourself spontaneously doing the right thing.’ When you push yourself to become more connected with the natural world, and you get so much out of it, you’ll effortlessly find ways to look after that which provides you with so much. So start with the easy things on the list above and don’t waste any time. But first, prepare for the hiding you’re about to get from Sir David Attenborough. I’d rather that over the beating Mother Nature is about to give us all if we don’t shape up.

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