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Dark Mofo Rises Again!

In case you missed it, Dark Mofo’s back, baby.

When MONA founder David Walsh announced the cancellation of the festival in March of last year, it was a moment of disbelief in a world yet to feel the full wrath of the freshly coined COVID-19.

Even Walsh revealed his hesitancy in making such a monumental call so early in the piece, saying in a statement at the time, ‘It’s likely that nothing will happen. June will roll up, COVID-19 will die down, and I’ll look (more) like a fool for having cancelled. But that’s the best thing that could happen.’

Photo by Nick Green

With the beauty of hindsight, we can now say Walsh and the Dark Mofo team made the best possible decision and because of their caution—and not being on the hook for millions of dollars for a late-stage cancellation—Dark Mofo’s back for the year 2021! While the program announcement won’t come until April, we now officially have dates, so you can start booking flights to Hobart asap (wouldn’t hurt to indulge in some Flexi flights though).

This year’s Dark Mofo will run from Wednesday, June 16 to Tuesday, June 22nd, instead of its usual two-plus weeks of debauchery. The festival’s creative director, Leigh Carmichael, kept things characteristically dark in a statement about this year’s iteration, saying, ‘Last year we lost our sense of purpose overnight, and it appears that experience is having a resounding impact on this year’s festival program. Our patrons will be pleased to know they can expect a typically grim and gloomy affair in June.’

See you in Tassie.

You can check Dark Mofo’s website and Instagram for all updates.


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