Daniel Arnold Met Gala Outtakes

Photos and Words by Daniel Arnold

New York Photographer Daniel Arnold went to the Met Gala for Vogue. We got our hands on his outtakes, and they are the best photos of celebrities anyone has ever taken.

The Met Ball raged nervous energy in the best way. You can imagine how that went for me, totally surreal and juiced and holy-shit-faced. But don’t forget to think about what it was like for, say, Selena Gomez, to wander out of the spotlight and scan the room for stars as the society ladies gawk at Kim Kardashian’s ass. Or for Rihanna to twerk down the table where Jay-Z and Diddy are eating cassis sorbet, and have a “Bitch Better Have My Money” singalong with Justin Bieber, Beyonce and Uma Thurman. And then to walk off stage and get a “damn girl” look from Madonna as the whole Veuve-drunk illuminati gives a sloppy standing ovation. Insane! It was the last scene of Rosemary’s Baby gone electric. Gone Gaultier. Crazy room for a guy with a camera—but mostly because it was so normal. The planet’s most untouchable faces combining to create one very relatable Voltron, and partying like your parents. So fun. Definitely get famous and go.


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