Cruisy Lines with Hayden Cox

Firstly, how’s fuckin’ Craig in this video? The only way he could make it look easier would be by reading a newspaper at the same time.

Unreal. Anyway, you probably already know Ando’s got a new Mid Length Glider in his quiver courtesy of Haydenshapes, but did you know he tried to shape one himself and it came out looking like a big, ugly toe? It’s true. We gave Hayden at Haydenshapes a buzz and asked what happened after the toe incident. Read on, knacker-bags.

What was the first question Craig asked in regards to this mid-length?

Craig sent me an email to get a few boards, and he was after an 8’ glider. He tried to shape one himself but, in his words, it ‘came out looking like a big toe.’ So I drew up some outlines and shared them with him to see what he would vibe on.

What’s your perfect surf set-up for this board?

Any session where you want to catch a lot of waves and have a cruisier approach to the lines you’re drawing. In smaller surf, it’ll catch almost anything and hold speed really well.

What’s an advantage of jumping up to a mid-length

Flow. That extra length in a glider style shape will bring a lot of flow to your surfing. On top of that, it paddles extremely well, so you can catch almost anything.

What sort of fin set-up do you reckon?

I prefer a straight single fin in there—7.5-8” is a good size. For more versatility, the Single with side bites will help hold the rail and generate speed.

Will you instantly get the style vibes of Craig when you step foot on it?

Ha! We all seem to channel the latest clips we’ve watched when you go out and surf…. I instantly surfed like Craig the other day when I hopped on it. Magic!

Is it illegal to drop a tail pad on one of these?

Highly. Get outta here.

What colour tints do you prefer on this one?

It comes stock with a double stringer with black foam in the centre, so it already has a little something going on, but we are running an option with our Dust, Kelp and Blue Tile colourways on the bottom running onto the deck.

How often is Craig surfing this as opposed to a shorty?

I’d say he would give it a run maybe a few times a month when at home in Newcastle.

When can I get one? 

What length? 7’1”, 7’7”, or 8’1” (I’d go the 8’1”)

I’ll call ya back later.


Get your rank little mitts on a Mid Length Glider at

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