Craig Anderson in the Desert With Heaps of Flies

It’s rare a clip is dropped unannounced anymore, particularly one this good.

Usually, we’re edged with multiple teasers, one wave clips, and Instagram stories which usually culminate in a clip that wasn’t worth the hype. So, when I received a text last night saying a new Craig Anderson clip was dropping, I was pleased. The trip (which you can watch below) also features fellow Zion wetsuits brethren, Benjamin Howard, and Instagram funny guy, Lewie Dunn—who is also evidently also good at surfing.

As soon as South Oz was allowing NSW residents in last October, the three aforementioned fellows—along with Dav Fox and Maddog—packed the Landy and went straight to the desert. Assuming you know where to go, spring is a good time for the South Oz desert. The water is warming up, the surf is good (as per usual) and the daytime heat isn’t lethal like the summer. There is, however, one issue: the biblical number of flies. Which in no small part influenced the film’s title, Hurt Locker.

Those who weren’t landlocked filming (i.e., the surfers and Dav filming water) escaped the fly plague with countless tubes and the occasional jump—the only other respite being outback pubs, which were habited by their own animals.

And, if you want to know about the surfing… Well, you’re better off just watching the film.

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