Converse’s Anti-Heroes Are Impacting Change

The concept of the anti-hero is as old as the teenager.

The cool thing about the ever-expanding world of popular culture, however, is that it’s constantly changing. Meaning that whilst the anti-hero (beats, beatniks, hippies, punks, so on and so forth) is a constant force running alongside, the denomination of said hero(es), has morphed to kick against the times. So here’s where we’re at. It’s 2018 and things are as good, and bad, as they’ve ever been. Confused? Good. Converse have chosen to slide their One Star push for ’18 into gear, by honing in on those they deem worthy to uptake the prestigious task of the anti-hero. The one thing they’ve got in common? Social consciousness, and the drive to do something about it.

Matt O’Brien

A Melbourne based designer/illustrator, Matt’s been operating under the alias Ripping Shredness for the best part of 10 years. And as if the talented young man’s intricate lines weren’t enough, there’s also a social element to his outfit. Matt’s the co-founder of a not-for-profit that’s focused on spreading the concepts of togetherness and community. ‘Tell Your Friends You Love Them‘ officially launched mid last year, but it came about after Matt lost a close friend in ’16 and started using the phrase as a hashtag. Now the organisation is continuing their noble work in creating a safe platform for people to express themselves, without fear of mockery. You’d be hard-pressed to argue that we wouldn’t all be a little better off if we opened the book and let a few more people in.


Remember how awkward and unhelpful sex ed was at school? Euphemia does, and that’s why she’s set about righting the wrongs inflicted on you in your formative years. Formally trained in Sex Ed and Trauma-Informed Facilitation (basically being sensitive to people’s backgrounds when addressing traumatic experiences), Euphemia runs I Wish You Knew, a practical sexual education program for adults. Communication tools, pleasure tips, toys and 101 kink techniques—it’s all there. Check out her Instagram to learn more.


It’s categorically impossible to be dull if your name’s “Dennis”, and Dennis “Nasa” Pennalligen is testament to the rule. A hip-hop dancer of Māori cultural heritage, Nasa’s all about bringing hip-hop dance to the masses. Whether it’s co-directing or producing dance events or working with newly arrived communities at L2R Next Gen, Nasa’s got his finger in plenty of pies, all centred around using his love of dance to enhance the lives of others.


HoMie Street Store is a streetwear clothing social enterprise. What that means, is that they’re in it for more than just the green. 100% of the label’s profits go towards supporting people who are experiencing hardship or homelessness, and Ellen is their Social Impact Manager. The brand’s mission statement is all built around creating unique pathways out of homelessness. Ellen helps build people’s confidence so that they can go on to better themselves. Whether it’s a fresh outfit, haircuts or qualifications, the brand’s doing amazing work and redefining what it means to be a clothing label. Check in here to find out more.

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