Converse Opens a Store on the Pacific Garbage Patch

You want the good news or the bad news first?

Never mind, let’s start with the bad. In the Pacific Ocean, there’s a garbage patch that covers 1.6 million square kilometres and contains an estimated 80 million tons of plastic, doubling in size each decade. It’s gross, and a group of young, eco-conscious artists and activists known as the Converse All Stars have decided to do something about this hunk of plastic stinking up our oceans.

So here’s the good news: just in time for Earth Day, the Converse All Stars have launched a fully virtual, completely shoppable store on the garbage patch, so you can shop from over 40 pairs of sustainable Cons prototypes. But before you get your skates on and head into the Big Blue, there’s a few things you should know.

All the prototypes you’ll find in Converse’s Renew Labs Store have been designed by young creatives from across the world, and there’s some wildly innovative ideas in the mix—like the shoes from Australian creative Emma French, who’s used ink created from the air pollution captured from exhaust pipes, and prototypes featuring dyes made from leftover marigold flowers from Día de los Muertos in Mexico that usually end up in the landfill. Crazy stuff.

And the good news continues! Seeing as many of the shoes featured are hand-made one-offs or have super limited production runs, you can’t exactly buy a pair… But if you donate to the legends at environmental org Take 3 For The Sea at the link provided when walking through the store, you’ll go in the running to snag your pair of choice, for free. Good juju rewarding good juju—love to see it.

Go for a shop around Converse’s Renew Labs Store here, before it closes down for good.  

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