Mover of triangles, squares and on occasion circles …


Can’t pull focus

Monster Children

Killing trees since 2003

Jason Crombie

An Australian journalist, humorist, and (prospective) nonfiction author. He lives in New York City.

Erin Bromhead


Jam Hassan

Freelance cage fighter

Chris Boadle

He’s an X snowboarder, but don’t hold that against him…

Dale Robinson


Sally Quade

Oh hi Craig.

Zach Baker

Breaking his board, behind a bar, or asleep on the A train.

Sarah Wasko

Probably taller than your dad.

Warren Smith

I was voted top 5 lefty in the nation at laser tag in a Qzar message board poll in 97 or 98. seriously.

Matt Pike

Class of ’99

Hallie Newton

So clean you could eat off me.

Linnea Stephan

Professional people watcher on a party pic paycheck

Matt Rabbidge

Poor manners and incredible hair.

Lincoln Jubb

Wasting roses and breaking hearts.

Laura Austin

Picture taking, word writing, coffee drinking, board riding, thought thinking, adventure taking girl living in Los Angeles.

Josh Rakic

A cynic. A writer of things. Yellow belt green tip. LA

Alex Schmidt

Unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed

Chris Cote

I am a vain son of a bitch

Eric Greene

My hippie parents raised me in a rainforest in the Pacific Northwest. Now I live in Manhattan. I like zines and beers, and I recycle.

Mike Jennings

Almost a grown up.