Conspiracy Clown Alex Jones Still Hawking Supplements on Amazon

Did you know Alex Jones has his own line of ‘supplements’?

Neither did we, but he does and, predictably, they sound as suspect as everything that comes out of that dude’s mouth. Among his other dubious tinctures and potions, Jones’ ‘InfoWars Life’ offers ‘Super Male Vitality‘ drops, ‘Lung Cleanse Plus Spray’ and ‘Prostaguard‘ pills. And while it’ll be cold day in hell before I entrust my lungs, prostate or ‘male vitality’ to Alex fucking Jones, many others are happy to drop their health in his hands, and they’re doing it through Amazon—the only platform Jones hasn’t been banned from.

Actual Amazon review for this product: ‘If you like being a man with huge glands, you’ll take this. Gets me hard as a rock in more ways than one. My little lady enjoys the benefits. Go Trump, God bless America.’

Alex has been kicked off Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Spotify and (how?) PayPal for violating hate speech policy, and yet he maintains a presence on Amazon. Why? Because Amazon has cut a ‘referral fee’ deal where they get 15% of all Jones’ sales. This isn’t uncommon; professional sellers on Amazon pay variable closing fees and referral fee percentages ranging between 6% and 25%. However, Alex ‘juice boxes make kids gay’ Jones rakes in millions, and Jeff Bezos likes him some millions. In 2019, Jones bragged to Caolan Robertson (a filmmaker Jones hired to shoot a propaganda film called You Can’t Watch This) that he made $60 million a year, an unverified figure and, knowing Alex Jones, almost definitely an exaggeration. Still, his ‘InfoWars Life’ supplement range brings in enough loot to be his primary source of revenue.

‘He is making, at a minimum, tens of millions of dollars,’ said senior investigative reporter and spokesperson for the SPLC Michael Edison Hayden, who has looked into Jones’ finances. ‘As far as I can tell, the dietary supplements are the absolute bread and butter, the foundation of his entire business at this point.’

But, whatever, right? What’s wrong with free enterprise? He’s not hurting anyone selling these supplements, is he? Why, yes, he is! When the pandemic began building momentum in early 2020, Jones began marketing his colloidal silver products (‘Nano Silver toothpaste’ and ‘Superblue Silver Immune Gargle’) as COVID-19 treatments. This is bad because a: colloidal silver doesn’t make COVID-19 go away, and b: if you take enough colloidal silver your skin will turn blue. Permanently. Can you believe this fucking guy? The FDA sent Jones a letter warning him to stop making shit up about what his products can do. He also copped a cease-and-desist letter from the New York attorney general. Amazon took down the products cited by the FDA, but he’s still moving massive units of his other crap.

So, why does this bizarre and dangerous little bullshit artist (who maintains that the Sandy Hook shootings were fake) still have a place to sell his shady wares and augment his insane empire? I just told you: Jeff Bezos likes money.
*Source article: Tom Dresbach

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