Connor Lee Goes Full 2020

Film by Zac Heath, photos by Tom Hoy

Did you catch Connor Lee in our Bright Young Things feature a couple months back?

We talked about the forthcoming clip he was working on and well, here it is in all its glory. It’s rad. He’s flexible as fuck and surfs beyond his years at the humble age of 19. Click play above to watch four minutes of shredding, all filmed in the one state of Australia. Which makes you think… damn, we’ve got it good don’t we? We were lucky enough to catch up with him whilst in Crescent Head and see the kid tear apart a few fun peaks. As the legend Rob Bain told us, Connor has improved three-fold this past year. Catch our chat with him below. 

So we last caught up with you for Bright Young Things. Guess we were onto something back then, ’cause you’ve gone and dropped this hammer. You actually were filming this clip back then, right?

Yeah, pretty much most of this year since about Surf Fest. That was when Zac and I got back together; we hadn’t filmed for a year or so, but we had one really solid session back home (in Newcastle) and from then on we were just like, fuck it, let’s make a film. 

All filmed in NSW then? 

Yep, a bit down the South Coast and then pretty much just around home and the Central Coast.

Pretty crazy to put out a clip in this day and age filmed in just the one state. Not to mention made in 6 months. Psycho. 

I guess when you put it like that (laughs). It was really hard, we definitely put in some hours on the beach, took a bit of determination to chase waves for sure. 

If you were to choose one state in Aus that you had to film your next clip, where would it be?

Probably New South Wales. For sure. We’ve just got way more beaches. Little nooks and crannies, kegs, slabs. Around home really, plus i don’t have to hassle as much (laughs).

Some of the airs you are doing definitely don’t see you headed for a healthy retirement blessed with non-aching bones. What injuries did you deal with making this clip?

I blew out all the ligaments in my ankle, actually. Kinda wish I just broke it as it would have recovered quicker. It seems to just go on and on. Was running on the anti-inflammatories for a while there.

You’ve been lucky enough to have one of the more progressive coaches aligned with the world tour, and basically all-round good fucken blokes. How’s working with Stace Galbraith?

It’s awesome. It’s honest. He calls you out if you’re doing something wrong, he’s just so onto ya. I haven’t met anyone so honest. 

Rad. So what’s next for Connor Lee?

Hopefully cruise! Maybe a couple of events, maybe some more filming for my next clip. Maybe train, but not really (laughs).

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