Coming Soon: Lee Ranaldo Acoustic Album

What’s not to love about Lee Ranaldo?

Besides his work with Sonic Youth sound, he’s also a prodigious visual artist, writer, poet, and producer. And, at age 65, he’s still really cool, as evidenced by his latest announcement: the release of a new acoustic album, In Virus Times, recorded during lockdown. According to Ranaldo, the album is an extended acoustic instrumental piece ‘that explores the sense of motionless time through sparse, meandering melodies and spacious chordal drones.’ Originally, In Virus Times was released as a single track that complimented a pair of short stories written by author Lucien Jean. The project was called En herbe / In Virus Times, but now Ranaldo is releasing the music as four individual tracks on limited etched vinyl, available on Mute Records, November 12 Pre-order here and check the album excerpt below.

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