Come to the 2017 MC Photo Annual launch

The most wonderful time of year.

Is when our annual MC Photo Comp parties in Sydney and LA roll around. We throw our fair share of parties throughout the year but this one, hands down, is by far our favourite of all the 365 days.

There’s a few elements you need for a good party, and we believe we easily tick all the boxes with this one. There will be free-flowing booze, mouth-watering food, good tunes, an unruly crowd, the most phenomenal shots of the year on the wall for you to enjoy, plus the spectacle of watching winners hoist big fat novelty cheques above their heads while we shower them in applause and beer. What more could you want really?

Details for the Sydney and LA parties below, remember to RSVP to (Australia) and (USA) or you’ll be left out in the cold.

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