Come Meet James Bowden, Lifestyle Winner in our MC Photo Comp

James Bowden, winner of our Lifestyle category, hails from the UK. 

He currently calls west Cornwall home, which makes a lot of sense to us as his photos look equal parts beautiful and freeze-your-tits-off-cold. James shoots all his personal work on film, mixing it up between 35mm and medium format and reserving the digi for comission work. Though he reckons it’s been a slightly bumpy road on the way to being able to take photos full time, looking at his work it’s all been worth it. We caught up with the Englishman who took out one of the most competitive categories in the comp, to see what other incredible shots he’s got on file. Turns out, more than a couple.

What are you gonna do with the 5k?

Just booked tickets to Indo with my girlfriend. Total self-indulgence surf trip.

What do you dig most about your winning photo?

Oh man, that lake was so ridiculously cold. It sits in this bowl of mountains up in the Lofoten Islands in Norway. I’d already convinced a couple of the guys to jump in and it looked so cool, then I ran up the hill and it looked amazing. I was shouting down for one of them to jump again, pleading before the sun went behind the mountain. Luckily my girlfriend and my good friend Matt jumped and I managed to press the button at the right time, then I ran down and followed them into the lake. I’m a believer in that if I ask someone to do something for a shot, then I’ve got to do it myself.

What’s the one shot that got away?

All those times I forgot to bring my camera/film/spare batteries. It seems to happen quite often.

Has taking a photo ever gotten you in trouble?

Not yet.

If you could be on a shoot with any photographer, who would they be and why?

I’m a big fan of Todd Glaser’s work, he always seems to be shooting with a good crew and around good waves.

Dream subject/location to shoot?

I’ve got the Patagonian Fjords in my sights, maybe a side trip down to Antarctica. Geeze, that would be amazing.

Check out more of James’ work on his website or on Instagram @jamesbowdown

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