Come Check all the Action from the Adidas Showcase

Photos by Michael Danischewski

Last night we hosted the first edition of The Showcase by adidas Skateboarding, at The True East in Collingwood, Melbourne.

It was finally Australia’s turn to gather our best local artists, skateboarders and creatives, in the community-based event series being rolled out across the globe by adidas Skateboarding. Up on the walls we had the likes of Sid Tapia, Jess Brohier, Dave Chami, Jye Barclay, Kayle Lawson, Tim Hiller, Morgan Campbell, Flossy (Hayley Morris) and Marcus Dixon.

And if free Melbourne Bitter and a curated offering of local artists weren’t enough for one night, we also premiered the new Australian team clip Activated featuring Dennis Durrant, Kayle Lawson, LP Nuku, Ryan Wilson, Gabriel Summers and more. The crowd enjoyed it, to say the least. Check what the people were getting so worked up about in the full clip above, and check all the action out below.


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