Colorado Auctioning Weed Plates

I don’t know why I have to write all the weed-related stuff, I don’t even smoke the shit.

I eat it. Actually, I don’t even do that anymore, not since, you know… the accident. Any road, Colorado is auctioning off fourteen weed numberplates to create revenue for the Colorado Disability Funding Committee. The auction, which ends on April 20 (duh), is expected to raise an absolutely ass-load of loot for the CDFC, and if previous number plate auctions are anything to go by, those expectations will be realized—and then some. One auction, in particular, saw a plate with just the letter ‘X’ on it go for $20,000. Unsurprisingly, the most popular plate on auction is ‘TEGRIDY’ which, as of this writing, has 98 bids. Coming in at number 2 is ‘ISIT420’ with 62 bids, and then comes ‘GOTWAX’ with 24. Oddly, ‘BONG’, which you’d think would be very popular because could anything be funnier than a number plate that just says ‘BONG’, has only 2 bids.

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