Coffee Based Cocktails to Jumpstart Your Day and Night

Almost 10 million tons of coffee are drunk every year.

A drink so deeply ingrained in everyday routines across the world means it’s more than just a cup of brown brew: it’s an all-day, all-night, tachycardiac love affair. Speaking of love affairs—meet friend of MC and cocktail whiz, Anastasia Natoli. Based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Anastasia has gone from pouring beers at the local pub to becoming a bonafide cocktail connoisseur—she’s also the first person we turned to when we had the bright idea of combining our two favourite beverages: good coffee and strong alcohol. We asked Anastasia for her three favourite coffee-based cocktails to get you from sun-up to sundown, and of course, she delivered.

Roast and Toast
Hair of the dog. Hangover hack. Call it what you may, but Anastasia’s dubbed this one the Roast and Toast, and that sounds like exactly what you need to clear away the cobwebs and catapult you into the day.

When your skim milk latte’s just not cutting it, Anastasia recommends this heart starter. It’s got just a little bit of sweetness to take the edge off, but not too much—with the Italian blood running through Anastasia’s veins, it’d be almost criminal to disguise that jolt of Allpress Iced Black Coffee under spoonfuls of sugar. May as well make one for nonna too.


The sun’s out, the surf’s good, and Anastasia’s rolled back to her place a little saltier and a lot more parched. A few ice-cold ingredients and vigorous shakes later, and she’s got the perfect post-surf drink. If you’re looking for the ideal afternoon pick me up, try the mochatini.

Don’t be fooled by its innocent, chocolatey appearance—with a dose of vodka and an Allpress Coffee Shot, this one packs a punch that might land you in the mood for a ‘drinks?’ message in the group chat. Best made in bulk, with friends, and consumed on a sunny balcony.

Cafe Negroni

The negroni. Always a crowd favourite. A favourite of Anastasia’s too, who suggests this drink for that time of the night where the pace slows, the sipping gets more leisurely, and that scritch-scratch of vinyl signals someone’s dug their way into the record collection.

You’d be accustomed to the classic negroni by now, but trust us: the addition of some Allpress iced black coffee to the traditional recipe is one you should welcome. You can’t control your mate putting the same Joy Division record on the turntable for the third time since you’ve arrived home, but you can be the master of your late-night beverage ship with this smooth cafe negroni.

Want to make your own espresso-based cocktails? Check out Allpress’ cold coffee range here.

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