Clipping Room: Jimmy Ganzer

Every time I shoot, there are photos that never see the light of day.

Especially with editorial pieces. I generally try to over-shoot so that we have some options for when the layout is coming together, but sometimes my favourite selects get left out because they didn’t quite fit with the words or the theme or however the designer wants to figure it out. Sometimes it’s rough.

Going into the shoot with Jim Ganzer, I knew we were probably only going to need one or two portraits for the magazine article. After shooting him against a white wall in his sideyard, I was pretty certain that was going to be the portrait that got used. And it was—just the one. But I wasn’t gonna let the page restrictions get in the way of me shooting a couple of extra moments. He was the most charismatic and interesting guy with all of the stories you’d hope to hear from a guy who has lived through a lot more than most of us. I stayed for hours. He offered me a little pipe to really get in the zone and he unloaded all kinds of interesting things about his life, his work and the brand that he founded: Jimmy’z.

It would be a shame to not share the pictures we shot that afternoon. I think it’s a shame I don’t get to share a lot of the extra photos from the editorials. So, here is a new department to make sure you and I never miss anything, ever again.

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