Ciele x Aire Libre: The Running Paradox

On Thursday, January 20, at 7 PM (EST), Ciele Athletics Pictures and Aire Libre Running are releasing a new documentary called The Running Paradox.

But first, can you believe how popular and—let’s face it—trendy running is right now? It’s crazy. Seems like only yesterday everyone was making fun of me for saying ‘fartlek‘, but look at me now, posting about upcoming running documentaries you can’t afford to miss. According to The Running Paradox‘s blurb, the film ‘explores running as both a medium to travel within our inner space but also a way to connect deeply with the world around us.’ Sounds good to me, and Aire Libre has a reputation for making awesome films, including 2020’s Discovering Oaxaca, which was really good. Ah, running. When will you get fired? The Running Paradox premieres in, like, 47 hours. Click the reminder button so you don’t miss it.


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