Christmas Gifts for the Surf Nerd In Your Life

Given more than 85% of Australians live within 50km of the ocean, the likelihood that you have a friend or family member that surfs is going to be pretty high.

Apart from the obvious new board, wetsuit, boat trip (generally the most-expensive-wish-list on the face of the earth), surfers are quite a humble bunch of humans who’d just wish for offshore winds if they could. They can’t, though, so this list will have to do instead.

Baggu Towels

A nice, luxurious towel is one of those things you probably would never buy yourself but if you had it bought for you, you’d be extremely happy and be the envy of everyone on the beach. It’s kinda the equivalent of owning a Porsche but beach spec. Elite. Luxurious. Cool. Etc. etc. etc.

Wacaco Portable Coffee Maker  

While the pre-surf-check coffee is the highlight of any strike mission, sometimes the more rogue wave pursuit equals the fewer available café options. Solve your surfer friends’ problems before they begin with a Wacaco Nanopresso portable coffee maker. Perfect espresso every single time to the point where they’ll probably come home from their surf trip and offer to make you one just to show off.

Welcome to Colour Handshaped Fins

Get your loved one a customised hand-shaped fibreglass fin in their favourite colour by Tweed Coast’s Toby Pratley. If you’ve got no idea what size or style, Toby will guide you through what might be best because he really knows his stuff. Honestly, even if your person doesn’t surf, these fins are so damn pretty that framing them up wouldn’t be a bad gift either.

Base Tide Pro Surf Watch by Nixon

Nixon’s once again changed the game with their updated Base Tide Pro surf watch: it’s fully water-resistant, made from recycled ocean plastics, and comes with pre-programmed tide info from 550 beaches from around the globe. And thanks to the grippy yet mega comfortable silicone band, it’s sure to stay in place no matter the swell.

Waterproof Portable Speaker by Sonos

The sound of summer is this speaker. Ten hours of battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, drop resistance, and enough bass to make your ears slide off. This thing can even be submerged in water for up to half an hour… just in case your friends have the brain capacity of a snail and do dumb shit like going surfing while leaving all their stuff on the beach as the tide comes in.

Superette For Ace Hotel Smoking Essentials

Conducive to the surfer stoner profile, Ace Hotel has teamed up with Superette to bring a limited-edition collection of smoking accessories that are sure to be the envy of anyone in the beach car park. Even if your surfer pal doesn’t smoke, they sure look like they do with their burnt eyeballs, so you can’t be pinned for thinking this isn’t the most fitting gift possible. Highly fun times had by all.

On Surfing – Indoek

Indoek is the curator of some of the best coffee table books for any beachside home and their recent On Surfing release is no different. Featuring the best in the game (Stephanie Gilmore, Gerry Lopez, Lee-Ann Curren, Mikey February, Bob McTavish, and many more), this interview-style project gives insight into the beauty of the surf world we love, and will make your nearest and dearest immediately more sophisticated.

Shade at Motion Legionnaire Hat

People are extremely quick to knock a Legionnaire hat but when you’ve been surfing for 60 million hours and all your sunscreen has worn off, these are the things saving you from deeply etched squint lines, third-degree burns and pterygiums that won’t let you into the pub. $5 from every sale goes towards Children’s Ground and they’re all made from a bunch of locals in the Northern Rivers. Don’t let the sun fry your precious surfer pal’s brain.

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