Check Out James Evans’ 3D Solo Show

You might remember our interview with New York-based artist James Evans from our last print issue of Monster Children back in 1987.

It wasn’t really 1987. It was April. But let me be the billionth person to point out how long ago that seems. So, that was issue 66, and since then a lot has changed. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is James’ passion for painting, and he just opened a new solo show at GR Gallery on the Bowery, right around the corner from Wholefoods and a short walk from Milano’s. If that doesn’t make sense, chances are you’re reading this from somewhere that is not Manhattan, so you don’t get to see the show… BUT THEN YOU DO!

You totally get to see it because James’ new show, A Manner of Forgetting, is available to view virtually in 3D below! You can also read our 1987 interview with him HERE. HELL YEAH! ALL CAPS!

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