The Charmed Existence of Grant Noble.

It’s easy to look at the formative years of others and want to hop in the time machine and re-visit your youth.

Say what you want about the current generation of kids, but they sure are a savvy bunch. Look at this kid, Grant Noble. When I was his age I was an insecure, awkward kid reluctantly studying at a sandstone university, lifeguarding at a swimming pool wearing a bright orange uniform to pay the bills, and trying to bluff my way into infamous Bondi nightspots by pretending I had a “key” to the premises that I’d unfortunately—and not for the first time—left at home.

Grant Noble on the other hand, is riding logs at Blackies, cruising around on his Penny, shooting photos for a little pocket change and hanging out with the rest of the suburban beatniks at the Costa Mesa surf club. A charmed existence indeed.

One can’t help but emit an ion of jealousy when presented with one of the many savvy slashies that’re currently residing in the fringes of a directionless surf culture. Sure it mightn’t be a ticket to a lifelong steady income or a house in the suburbs (although you never know), but it’s certainly the ticket to a good five, ten, possibly even 15 years of fun. And sitting in an office chair staring in the rearview mirror, one thing that I can confirm is that whatever you spend your formative years doing, you don’t regret the fun parts.

Stay young, ride a Penny, right here.

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