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Central Coast Drilled And Screwed

Jesus H. Christ. These bastards never let up.

While we were all freaking out about facemasks and hand sanitizer, those greedy scum-bags from the gas and oil industry have been quietly chipping away at a project that basically amounts to a big fuck-you to Australia. Our mate Sean Doherty alerted us to the impending clusterfuck on Insta this morning. Read his caption and sign (and share) that damn petition. Un-fucking-real. These pigs will eat everything if we don’t bring down the whip. Seriously. They do not give three shits about anything but the bottom line.

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Okay, time to get serious with this PEP11 bullshit. Advent Energy and Bounty Oil and Gas are two approvals away from drilling off the Central Coast, and in their words they say the approvals are “imminent”. The whole idea of turning the coast between Sydney and Newcastle into a gasfield seemed laughable – a gasfield off one of the world’s most iconic cities – but here they are on the verge of making it happen. We need to get in front of these two approvals. The crew at @save_our_coast have a template letter on their site that allows you to address it to tour local member. Already 10,000 people have sent letters, but we need to get another 10,000. Nobody apart from @keithpittmp and the gas companies want this to happen, so if you live along this coast (and if you don’t) you need to let your local member know that you’ll remember this bullshit at the next election unless something is done.

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