CBD Review: Verde + Remedy Green-Lit

Verde + Remedy sent me a box of their stuff to review.

But it’s not much of a review because I like all of their stuff already. Yes, I am obligated to say that now they loaded me up with free stuff, but it’s true. This is good shit. The only thing they sent that I didn’t use was their Beauty Balm, and if you read on, you’ll find a hilarious joke about me already being beautiful enough. This is funny because I have an overbite, poor-posture and a body that looks like a werewolf that got stuck changing back into a man. But let’s not dwell on how revolting I am—let’s take a look at the goodies Verde + Remedy gave me.


I’ve been taking this gear every day for a while now, and the results have been both subtle and positive: my focus and memory have improved, my mood is sunnier, I feel chill but energized, and I feel better able to process the relentless bullshit life machineguns me with on a daily basis. CLARITY OIL (raw)+ contains 1000mg hemp-derived CBD in a 50ml solution with a MCT (medium-chain triglyceride: good thing) coconut oil carrier oil. I started off with 5 drops under the tongue 3 times a day, slowly working my way up to 10 drops, which turns out to be my sweet spot. CBD affects everyone differently, so what works for you might not work for me. Thumbs up, five-stars, great stuff.

Muscle Balm

This stuff is great. If you do anything athletic, score a jar of this and rub it into your sore spots for rapid-ass relief. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I run. I am a runner. It’s my thing. I love it. I used to skate, but now I run because I don’t bounce when I eat shit anymore; I just stay there, on the ground, moaning. This stuff would be good for muscle soreness brought about by any physical activity, but I have found it really good for my running: sore muscles, sore feet, anywhere my body is complaining. Also, it smells really nice. Also, it’s topical: do not put it anywhere inside your body. Learned that the hard way.

Beauty Balm

I didn’t bother with this one because I’m already really beautiful (ha-ha). But my roommate, Louise, tried it and really liked it. She dropped her regular skincare regimen and applied V+R Beauty Balm for a few days to see what she thought. Now it’s three weeks later, she’s still using it and her skin actually looks better than ever. Besides its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, CBD helps reduce the production of sebum, which is that stuff that gives you zits and blemishes. Verde + Remedy Beauty Balm gets the thumbs up at my house.

Body Moisturizer

I like this stuff. Initially, I felt a bit weird about moisturizing my body because I think of my body as a utility vehicle that doesn’t need to be smooth—it just needs to get me and my plastic bag filled with bird skeletons from A to B. But then I remembered a time, long ago, when my bedpartners (barf) would tell me I had smooth skin. Tell? Nay, they cooed it, and I don’t remember when those complements ended, but when I realized I hadn’t been reminded of my silky epidermis in over a decade, I began to feel very rough and dry like the underside of a very old dog’s foot. This Verde Remedy body moisturizer is fast-tracking me back to the good ol’ days when I was smooth as a seal and everyone told me so.

Lip Balm

I gave this one to my little sister and she’s loving it. I’ve never been much for lip balm because my lips seem to look after themselves without any intervention from me, but my sister is one of those lip balm addicts that have thirty tubes of pawpaw ointment going at any given time. I gave her the Verde lip balm and she called three days later raving about how good it was and asking what else could get her for free because she is a seagull. Get your own free stuff, Sarah. Oh, that psychology degree didn’t come with free stuff? I guess one of us made the right career decision after all, didn’t they mum.

So that’s the Verde Remedy range reviewed. Everything is good and you can get your hands on it at verderemedy.com.au


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