Camping Gear We Need Immediately

Road trips are back on the cards, and this new drop from Neighborhood couldn’t have come at a better time.

Aside from the Japanese brand revealing a whole lot of take-my-money photos of the upcoming drop on Instagram, we don’t know a whole lot about their OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT range. What we do know, is it’s available on their online store October 16th, midday JST, and that it includes road trip must-haves: lightweight jackets, coveralls, hatchets, cast-iron cookware, kerosene lamps, all-weather duffel bags, a Leatherman pocket-knife, kitchenware, skillets, shade cloths… the list goes on.

With goods like these, you don’t even need to know how to kill a wild boar with your bare hands or even hammer tent pegs—but you can look good while watching all the other suckers doing it.

Get your hands on Neighborhood’s OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT range on October 16 here. 

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