Camille Rowe, Shot on Film


We sent Warren Smith to Palm Springs to photograph Camille Rowe, and this is his intro:

Probably needs to say something about Camille, right? I’m not really sure, but for me it was an editorial loosely based around Camille. And my approach with her—especially since she was just on the cover of Playboy—was to not over-sexualise her. Everyone knows she’s sexy. I wanted to shoot her a little more raw and natural, and try not to set up too many sexy shots unless sexy shit started happening. That kinda thing. And loosely document my time around the desert, because I ended up staying an extra week, bouncing around in the hot sun.

Also, I did my first ever ’shrooms. Pretty freaking neato. I took a bite from a chocolate bar and three hours later I woke up in my hotel room, staring at the wall, wondering why it was so happy-looking. Then I realised I was on mushrooms, so I went outside with my headphones, put on ‘Leaves Turn Inside You’ by Unwound, and watched the trees harmoniously kiss each other for, like, an hour until I quietly fell back asleep on my front terrace.

Other than that, I just got drunk a lot, hardly saw any music at all, and went to loads of after parties thanks to Ronnie Flynn and Corbin Harris.

Just sayin’







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