Call Me 917 X Slowtide Limited-Edition Capsule Collection

Call Me 917 and Slowtide have come together to design a capsule collection of summer essentials.

The new drop consists of two towels, one blanket and a cruiser board (inspired by Neil Blender’s shape—board, not body, weirdo), all designed by Call Me 917’s founder, and our old buddy from way back before he became a dang hippie, Alex Olson. Alex was inspired by the tartan prints used in those 99-cent bags you normally see people using for their laundry or moving their wardrobe to a new home.

Here’s what they said: ‘The 917 Blanket is a heavyweight, USA-made tapestry blanket that features a reversible design, fringe edge detailing and a vegan leather label. Complimenting the softness of the blanket is a 917 Turkish Towel, which is a lightweight yet functional alternative to a standard beach towel. The 917 Turkish Towel gets softer and more absorbent with every wash, is oversized and completely sand-free. The last towel in the collection, 917 Quick-Dry Towel, is made of recycled polyester (primarily water bottles). This sand-free towel absorbs 4x its weight in water, dries 2x faster than a standard cotton towel and comes with a drawcord loop for easy drying. The lightweight and packable nature of this towel makes it ideal for travel.’

Sounds rad, looks rad, probably rad? Aaaaand, there’s a Giveaway. Alex and the cats at Slowtide are giving away a Slowtide x 917 Prizepack that is valued at $2k. For more info, click HERE, and to get your mitts on anything from the limited-edition Call Me 917 x Slowtide collection, go to And to score a cruiser purchase the cruiser board, go to

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