By Land, By Sea

Words by Jason Jackson, photos by Zach Snellenberger

Avoid the urge to run away.

“If the wolf approaches you and fails to show sign of fear, make yourself as big as possible, be aggressive, make eye contact, show the animal you are dangerous. This is where I drop you off, you’ll want to enter the woods at the tree line and follow the path through the forest to the beach on the other side of the island. Have fun!”

I can safely say, that is the first time I have started a morning surf out with that advice, but I’ve got ahead of myself. Let me paint a picture on how we ended up receiving that sunrise exhortation. This story takes place in the northern territory. A land where ancient rain forest meets sprawling sounds, teaming with life. A land where floatplanes and helicopters are about as commonplace as a city bus is in a concrete jungle.

Getting to this tranquil peninsula was a bit of a journey, probably the reason for its general feeling of seclusion. There were a few diesel-powered ferries, hours of winding roads traveled that were reminiscent of something out of a Jack London novel, and a crazy plane ride. But, to quote Andre Gide: “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Sometimes the places hardest to get to are the best places to be. That sure was the case with our little expedition. By land or sea, we were going to get to our destination. There are days that you will remember far past the bloom of your youth and into your golden years. This was one of those days. Hell, this was one of those trips.

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