Buy Yourself a Cleon Peterson x Modernica Collab Piece

Christmas just came early.

Cleon Peterson and Modernica have teamed up for the third time, with a Daybed Sectional and Upholstered Arm Shell Rocker that feature the LA artist’s Land of Shadows artwork. You already knew these were going to be pricey—$3,900 for the Daybed Sectional and $875 for the Upholstered Arm Shell Rocker—but that’s the price you pay to have world-renowned art splashed on handmade, high-quality furniture in your crappy house.

Just think of it as investing in your art collection—Cleon Peterson does. ‘I love the idea of artwork not just being something that you see that just sits on the wall, but something you actually live with at the same time,’ he said. ‘Something accessible to people so that they can have it in their homes and live around it so it’s not such a precious thing, but something that… comes into your world in a different way.’

There’s also only 50 Sectionals and 100 Rockers available, so this could be an investment in your currently non-existent rare art collection that’ll pay dividends in the years to come. Just as long as you don’t let your dumbass friends near it with red wine.

Check out the Cleon Peterson x Modernica Land of Shadows collection here, then go read our chat with the prolific artist here

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