Bust Crew: Virginia’s Favorite Sons

Photos: Andrew Peters, Thomas Goldman and Dakota Mullins.

The Bust Crew from Richmond Virginia are always making something outta nothin’.

Hailing from a city of crust and weatherbeaten streets, their productivity is second to no other perfect plaza-bearing city in the world. They have made the videos A Street (2014) and Nightmarevan (2019) under the Bust Crew name, and shop videos for Venue including Old Dominion (2012), Prayer (2015), Gospel (2017). The Venture Truck company has had a huge resurgence in the underground skate scenes of late, drawing on their 90’s and early 2000’s street skateboarding roots and reminiscing about their flavorful ads and team riders. Venture was the truck for street skaters and the Bust Crew are the perfect representation of what real street skating looks like today. They’ve teamed up with Venture to put out a truck and this little edit (with our newsstand neighbors, Thrasher), so check it out and stay tuned for another full length from the Bustcrew real soon. Here’s a chat I had with filmer Will Rosenstock.

Where did the name ‘Bust Crew’ come from?

My friends Ty (Beall) and (Jordan) Bradshaw were just trying to get Jon Rowe fired up to land a trick, maybe eight or so years ago and they just kept saying ‘Bust that shit! Bust it open!’ so yeah…

Did this collaboration make everyone in Richmond start skating Ventures?

I think Jon and Ty inspired a big chunk of Richmond to ride Ventures. I definitely have egged my fair share of people on, too. I hope more people continue to switch, they just feel better and the company is full of dope people, including our good friend Cody Rosenthal.

Why is Gilbert so salty about it? Cause he’s not allowed in the video?

He’s just salty because he rides vintage Indy’s, and once he can’t find those anymore he’s going to have to quit skating.

Why are the Bust Crew trucks better then any other trucks out there? 

They’re just as good as any Venture truck, which means they’re perfect. The graphic was inspired by an old Venture ad Jon came across. Hyped on them.

Who took the hardest slam for this video?

Cory Bittle. Bittle stays broke off.

When is the next Bust Crew full length coming out?

Hopefully, midyear.

How many video’s have you guys made?

As ‘Bust Crew’ this will be like our sixth or seventh.

Does Venue Skateshop make shop videos or is that kinda just the same as the Bust Crew videos.

Yeah we’ve made two shop videos—Old Dominion and Gospel—those are different than Bust Crew vids, but still closely associated.

If you could have anyone from Richmond, past or present, have a part in one of your videos, who would it be?

Well, I was lucky enough to get to film full parts with two of my favorite OG’s: Maury Blankinship and Travis Pulley. But if I had to pick someone else it would be my mechanic, Bobby Stewart, he’s actually one of the greatest of all time.

If you could take the whole Bust Crew abroad, where would be the ultimate destination? Or is it Richmond only.

West Virginia.

What is a Bust Crew Sunday?

Wake up at the crack of dawn, skate all day, get clips, eat Taco Bell for dinner.

Who is the go-to filmer for when you need to bust?

Kevin O’Dell, taught me a lot and helped me out a lot in the past, and still does to this day.

Something the general population doesn’t know about Richmond?

There’s no spots, just great skaters

Something the general population doesn’t know about Venue Skateshop?

It’s been in business for 25 years and the owner skates just as much—or more—than all of us, and he’s 43.

Something the general population doesn’t know about Gilbert?

He doesn’t like tattoos, clothes or Indy’s.


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