Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Returns Next Week!

Chowing down on a sausage in bread from your local Bunnings on a dusty Saturday morning is one of Australia’s great traditions.

Unfortunately, COVID put a stop to this weekly outing, particularly in Melbourne, but as restrictions ease and pubs, restaurants and retail stores are once again opening their doors to the public, Bunnings has announced snags are back on the menu. ‘Victorians have done such an amazing job flattening the curve, and we hope bringing back sausage sizzles will be yet another sign we can reclaim a sense of normality while remaining COVID safe,’ said Bunnings’ chief operating officer Deb Poole.

Not only is this fantastic news for anyone missing the aroma of sizzling sausages and fried onion during their weekend trip to Bunnings, but it means hundreds of organisations can continue their much-needed fundraising efforts. These sausage sizzles might just be a tasty snack for the average Joe, but the money raised is critical to the longevity of local sports clubs, RSL clubs and community groups.

‘We know our customers love to support these groups by stopping by the sausage sizzles, and our store teams can’t wait to help restart this weekend tradition,’ Poole added.

For anyone worried about a potential COVID outbreak, new guidelines have been put in place to prevent the spread of the disease, including mandatory wearing of facemasks, regularly cleaning of utensils and designated pick-up points. ‘The community groups have done an excellent job prioritising customer safety with the new physically distanced layouts and additional hygiene measures we have in place.’

Bunnings sausage sizzles will begin operating at selected stores in regional Victoria from November 14, with Melbourne set to follow in early December.


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