Back to the Feature: Mike Anderson

Skaters love to buff their badges on their uncanny and bizarre knowledge of skateboarding history.

Film and stills by Andrew Peters

People can’t wait to share who did what on which spot, which video it was in, what mag, who shot it, etc. It’s especially a source of pride to house knowledge of one’s specific hometown. For instance, I still get giddy as a cowgirl at a rope factory when I think about a particular photo of Ron Knigge from the ‘80s in which he noseslides a double-set hubba outside of the New Jersey gymnasium where, for a couple of weeks, I had swim practice until eventually quitting the team to take up cigarettes.

It would be rash to say which region of the world is most gassed on their particular locale’s contributions to the craft, but one thing I’ve noticed is that dudes from Ventura have an astounding knowledge of their local history, and with it, an immense sense of pride. Mike Anderson could have picked any trick to duplicate for our third installment of “Back to the Feature”—there is a bottomless pool of publicized schoolyards in and around Ventura County. But having seen the kind of renown Venturans hold for their hometown, this trick is as much a love letter to a place, as it is a reprisal of a historic trick.

Mike selected Abel Taylor, a Ventura OG, whose front wallride photo appeared in a 1998 copy of Thrasher. Taylor also has that photo tattooed onto his own arm. In keeping with continuity, seeing as Anderson is goofy and Taylor regular, Manderson had to do switch. If you ask me, that should be the rule for these features from here on out. Anyway, seems like the boys had a pretty cool day—give it a whirl.













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