Brown Cardigan Interview: Insta Account Deleted!

Brown Cardigan’s Instagram account was deleted yesterday and no one knows why. We texted the owner of Brown Cardy, to find out what the deal is.


Dude, what happened?

Ok so, Instagram has gone from being pretty loose with its guidelines to lately becoming super-PC, hyper-woke enforcers who need more naps in their lives. Since they’ve rolled out new measures to stop meme pages, and get them off their platform, they seem to be wanting to get back to this agenda of sharing pure connectivity and flourishing communities of pro-mental health (after allowing Instagram to become essentially a drug).

Do you even know what post it was that got you booted?

Nah, no idea. From our perspective, though, it’s clear that there’s been little or no actual ‘human’ involvement in this process, as there’s an obvious lack of logic in the application of the violations.

Was Insta getting heavy on you prior to your account getting deleted?

Yeah, our posts have been getting more and more censored, and the audience has been getting more and more hungry for the content of Brown Cardigan’s yesteryear.

How were they censoring you?

So, you get people upset, hurling abuse in the dm’s and getting themselves blocked. Then you get people reporting posts just for revenge, and even though the reported posts don’t fit the cause, with Instagram being as sensitive as they are at the moment, they take them as truth and put them in the bin.

Along with the account.

Along with our account. And sure, we’ve pushed the limits, but I feel like American moderators see Australian culture as fairly off-putting: we call our mates ‘cunt’ and cunts ‘mate.’ Plus, our drug and drinking culture is horrendous and probably needs a good long hard look at itself… We’re an uncouth lot—love it or leave us—but that doesn’t give them the right to delete a huge part of Australia’s modern history.

So, what are you going to do about it?

I think a standpoint and viewpoint needs to be understood by Facebook. There is no form of communication with them. They make it extremely hard to have a say, and your fate is in the hands of moderators who are probably overworked and over-sensitive to all sorts of horrible shit on Facebook, plus the fact that they just don’t understand the context of why we post these things.

Are you taking steps to get the account back?

Yep, we have a couple of valuable and rarely obtained contacts, so we’re going through a process of elimination.

Can you expand on that ‘process of elimination’?

Probably best to keep that part dark. I don’t wanna harm our chances, and I don’t wanna completely roast Facebook.

People are really gonna miss Brown Cardigan.

I think so. For ten years it’s been a huge staple of people’s online diet, and to end it without any form of finality is a huge kick in the guts for regular Australians. This could actually sway people to get off the platform and seek alternatives.

What alternatives, reading books n’ stuff?

Excellent. And one last question: any news on when and where the next Cooked Olympics is being held?

Crombie’s joint, C you next Tuesday.

No. In the meantime, where can people go to see stuff?

@browncardigan69 on Instagram and Twitter.

Okay. Thanks, mate.

Too easy.

Brown Cardy on YouTube

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