IMG_2758Switch Frontside Shuv – Photo: Tucker Vander Wyden

“Anyone educated by the Bronze videos should know Dick and his skating by now. In the second installment ‘Solo Jazz’, he set it off in the first part. I suggest you study these first three volumes thoroughly before any further gas. Trust.”

— Jordan Trahan

On March 8th, 2014, the skateboard world awoke to find the new Bronze 56K video ***TRUST*** had just been released on youtube. Humans all across the globe jumped off their bed and onto their 15″ computers to watch the highly anticipated follow up to last year’s hits Enron and Solo Jazz. If you haven’t seen either of the two then tell work or school to get fucked and watch the trilogy before you proceed with life.

Attachment-1Bump to Frontside 5-0 – Photo: Brian Kelley

The east coast has been producing some of the most interesting and raw talent the skate world has seen in awhile. Crews are swarming streets, up and down the east coast and making skateboarding look fun and not so stunt heavy. Producing an interesting, unfiltered and un-censored video that reins true to who they are and how they see the world is not easy. Nor is staying true to their surroundings and influences from music, art, social media, inside jokes and parodies.

[SOPHISTICATED ADULT ENTERTAINMENT] PRESENTS ***TRUST*** is the description you see on the video’s youtube. “SOPHISTICATED ADULT ENTERTAINMENT” might be the best production company name I’ve seen in awhile. Peter Sidlauskas and Patrick Murray deserve a round of applause, they’ve released 3 of the best independent style releases the skateboard world has seen in recent history and will remain some of this generations favorite videos. Peter, Patrick and their crew deserve all the credit for releasing raw, no bullshit skateboarding with hilarious interludes. Here’s probably the best 30 minutes you’ll spend in front of a screen all year:

After watching ***TRUST*** I hit up Dick Rizzo who has the last part in a video featuring the likes of Jake Johnson, Brian Delatorre, Jordan Trahan and Aaron Herrington. That’s some heavy names to follow up in a video and hold your own but he does so with his own style. It’s a cliche to say “you’ll be seeing his name for years to come”, but for real, you know when you see the good ones.

We present to you the first ever Dick Rizzo interview.

Your name according to the Internet is Dick Rizzo, but your real name is Richard or Richie Rizzo? Obviously it’s easy to get Dick out of Rick but what made you keep it Dick? What’s your family’s background?

Since I was younger my friends would call me Dick, it just sort of stuck. I think my name sounds cooler that way. I’m Italian.

How old are you? To be honest when I’ve seen you in real life – I knew you were late teens to early 20’s – but you look like you’re 25 and skate like your 30. Am I tripping?

I’m 19 years old. I think it’s my facial hair that throws people off sometimes. I’ve always rolled with an older squad though, so I could see why people would think that.

Are you originally from NY or someplace close? If not when did you start going there?

I’m originally from Mahwah, New Jersey, a half hour from Manhattan. I was probably 13 the first time I went skating in the city with my friends. At that time we would take the train in every weekend and just skate the financial district because of how much stuff there was to skate there in such a small space. I would look forward to it every week in school.

IMG_2756Switch Frontside Nosegrind Revert – Photo: Colin Sussingham

You have the last part in the new Bronze 56k video “Trust.” I thought the first one was one of the best videos of 2014 and this one’s just as good. I think Pete’s direction, vision and execution is one of the best in the 2010’s era of skate video making. Obviously, you’re friends with everyone and you all skate together. How was the process of filming for your part? It seemed like you guys just met up and skated spots and filmed without specific lists? I think that’s what makes NY one of the only true skate cities in America. 

I always have ideas of things I want to try and skate, and if I don’t, then one of my friends does. Then the rest of the day just sort of goes skating from there. We still do occasionally mob out in cars though, shout outs to Paul Young.

IMG_2757Ollie – Photo: John Pinning

The soundtrack is fucking awesome. Did you have a hand in picking your songs or is it all Peter and Pat’s choices?

I left it all up to Peter and Pat. They know me; they know what I’m down for. Drake is my dude, so it only made sense to skate to that.

Who has your favorite part and why?

The whole squad went in. I can’t choose a favorite part.

Who you riding for these days? I think HUF should have an east coast team after watching the video.

I ride for HUF, Chocolate, Spitfire, NJ skate shop, and Bronze. I don’t think the east coast should be treated as if it is slept on or out of reach from the center of skateboarding. The way the internet is now, I don’t think it matters how far you are from California for skating to necessarily matter in the industry’s eyes. Shit will show up on instagram wherever you are at. I think in New York especially it is going to blow up. Now it seems more than ever pros come here to stay and film parts, shoot photos and what not. I think a lot is going to change in the next couple years.

Ollie Over Frontside Wallride – Photo: Mike Heikkila

7 one word answers:

Music: Good

Girls: Wifey

Boro: Manhattan

LA: Buddies

Bronze 56K: Squad

Hate: Yuppies



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Special thanks to the photographers and Tyler Clichy.

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