Brixton x Willie Nelson

In the interest of celebrating the spirit of heritage Americana, our buddies at Brixton have launched a new collection in collaboration with the one and only… Willie Nelson.

For you kids who don’t know who Willie Nelson is, here’s Willie 101:

Willie Nelson has been making music for seven decades and has won every conceivable award as a musician and amassed reputable credentials as an author, actor, and activist. Willie is 89 years old and is still touring and making new music. He’s the original ‘outlaw’ C&W singer, and he is about as awesome as a human being can get. He counts Snoop Dogg as one of his best friends (I’ll let you guess what they get up to), and he is significantly cooler than everyone else. That’s need to know, really. Willie rules and Brixton have collaborated with him on a new range.

In a nod to 1970s Americana and Brixton’s own roots, the new collection combines heritage style with country-inspired silhouettes featuring lived-in washes and vintage western details. There’s cut & sew apparel, graphic tees, headwear, and more, all striving to bring the ‘Willie way of life’ to a new generation. What’s the Willie way of life? Well, partner, I’m glad you asked (cough-spit-ping!) The Willie way is all about hitting the open road, playing by your own rules, and making memories worth writing a song about. Sounds pretty good, don’t it? I wish I’d gone with this Sam Elliot impression right from the start. Dang. Too late now.

The Willie Nelson Collection collaboration will be available at and in stores on July 1.

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